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Workplaces and Businesses

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in 2019, the biggest causes of long-term workplace absence in the UK are stress and mental health difficulties, and the most successful organisations prioritise employee wellbeing.  

Maintained by an organisation’s culture, presenteeism (working when unwell or when not ‘present’/disengaged), and leaveism (working outside contracted hours or using allocated time off to work) are detrimental to an organisation’s productivity and employees’ engagement.  An estimated 30% of stress-related absence is due to relationships at work.  Creating and maintaining a psychologically healthy organisational culture is essential for employees and an organisation to flourish.  

Another estimated 43% of stress-related absence can be accounted for by management style.  It is widely known that emotionally intelligent leadership behaviours are fundamental to achieving a well-performing organisation.  A thriving organisation will understand what motivates and retains its workforce.

I have more than 20 years’ experience in the wellbeing field, designing and delivering effective strategies for individuals, groups and wider organisational systems.  Your focus may be for employees, leaders, teams or an entire system.  Whether you aspire to nudge decision making,  prefer an emphasis on prevention, or need an alternative approach to managing stress,  I can offer a bespoke, integrated, psychologically informed wellbeing strategy, designed with you, to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  

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Groups & Communities

Understanding emotions and relationships are important skills for children and young people, as well as for the adults living and working within the systems surrounding them.  I can offer psychological consultation and training to support staff in working with young people.  I am able to provide complex case formulation and strategic work with decision-makers in developing a whole-system approach to emotional wellbeing, and in promoting attachment awareness.  

Supervision and Mentoring

I am able to provide supervision and mentoring.  I have a wealth of experience offering clinical and leadership supervision, both for individuals and groups, for pre-qualified and qualified psychologists, and for non-psychologists.  I have both provided and received mentoring regionally and through the Division of Clinical Psychology’s Mentoring Scheme.

Clinical Psychologists in Training

I have close links with the Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester Programmes.  If a final year specialist/innovative placement may interest you, or if you feel that I may be able to offer you support as a field supervisor for your research, I would love to hear from you.

Aspiring Psychologists

If you are seeking a career in applied psychology, have relevant academic qualifications and experience on your CV, and think that some experience with PsycholoBee can help you, then please contact me with your CV.  

Children, Young People, Adults and Families

As I aim for the work that I offer to remain free at the point of delivery for clients, through funded contracts with organisations I use a compassionate approach to support people to manage distress and life difficulties.  I advocate the promotion of wellbeing, as an essential for navigating the challenges which life presents.  Through maintaining our values and sense of purpose, I am committed to the realisation of possibility.  I offer an evidence-informed, applied psychology service to benefit children; young people; families; and adults, whether in a parent/carer role, or independent of this.

I have held senior NHS roles and have considerable experience in providing therapy, consultation, supervision, training, mentoring, coaching and leadership.  I can provide face-to-face, online or telephone sessions.  All interventions are bespoke, and designed to meet your specific needs, either individually or within your relationships with others.  I have an Enhanced DBS, acquired through the British Psychological Society.

Families and young people

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